Here are some of the things that you may want to know about GOL. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Who is Ambassadors Football?
We are a global football ministry program with our headquarters located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We have been doing football ministry for over 30 years and currently have official ministry works in over 25 countries around the world. Please visit our website for more information including what countries we have official ministries in.

What is GOL?
GOL is a repository of free football ministry resources created by Ambassadors Football, a global football ministry. They are available to registered/approved members of GOL for download and use in their personal football ministry programs.

How do I join GOL?
You must sign up and be approved by Ambassadors Football.


How much does it cost to join GOL?
There is no cost to use the materials. However, you must agree to all of the Requirements for GOL and be approved before you can gain access to GOL.

What languages are the resources available in?
A majority of materials are in English only. There are some materials available in Spanish and other languages and we hope to add more in the future.

Does using these materials make me a part of the Ambassadors Football ministry?
No. As you will read in the Requirements page, you are not authorized to represent your ministry in any manner as Ambassadors Football or associated with Ambassadors Football.

Can I brand the resources as my own?
No, the materials you choose to download must be used as is. You are not permitted to add to them or take away from them in any manner.

What are the rules for using the resources?
Please visit our Requirements page for more details. This is a very important page that you will need to read.

I do football ministry with a partner organization, is that OK?
Yes. There will be information that we will ask you to provide while filling out the registration. However, the materials may not be claimed as being created or from yourself or your partner organization. We strongly suggest that your ministry work be connected to another faith-based organization like your local church. Having a partner like your church behind your efforts will strengthen your efforts greatly.

Can I share things I get from GOL with others?
No. We need to know who is using the materials and have the ability to be in official contact with them throughout the year. You have no distribution rights to the material and are prohibited from sharing them with any person or organization. Instead, please just ask those who would like to use them to create their own account.

Can I post materials to my social media account or website?
No. As stated above you may not provide the materials to others in any manner.

Can I print materials out to be used for my ministry?
Yes. There are materials that are designed to be used with those you are ministering to and we fully expect that you would create those materials for them. There are also some coaching and ministry guides that you and/or your helpers may want to have during your ministry sessions and these materials may also be printed.

Can I work or partner with a local official Ambassadors Football work in my country?
Possibly. If we have a work in your country, we would be happy to put you in contact with the Director so you can explore what opportunities are available. If there is not a country ministry where you live and you would like to explore joining us, please contact us directly with your request.

Does Ambassadors Football do any football ministry training?
Yes. We have a four day training course called TREC (Training, Resourcing, Equipping, Churches/Coaches) that we do through our official offices around the world. Please select “Ministry training” in the registration form under the section entitled “The resources I am most interested in are…” and we will contact you with information about TREC courses being offered in your country or area.

Can you send me balls, cones, and other materials that I may need for my ministry?
Unfortunately, we are not able to support your ministry work in this way. A good way to get help with resources is to present your ministry to other like-minded churches, people, or organizations in your area that would be interested in helping you.