There are requirements that you will need to agree to if you are accepted into and remain a member of GOL in good standing.

Please read these requirements carefully and contact us if you have any questions related to them. We are all part of God’s Kingdom and our actions and adherence to the requirements of using the GOL materials should be done in accordance to the values set forth in The Bible that we live by in following our Lord.

You must register to gain access to GOL. Your registration will be reviewed by our staff and if approved, you will be notified and receive login information to the website. Your login information and password are not to be shared with anyone else. Sharing your information with others may result in your account being closed. By gaining access to GOL you are agreeing to all requirements related to using the materials.


Ministry Agreement
The theological foundations of your ministry must align with our Statement Of Faith to be approved. We are a faith-based organization that believes in specific foundational values as outlined in the Statement of Faith. The content you have access to is created and aligned with these core values.

As an accepted member of GOL, you will be required to submit information about your ministry efforts two times a year. You will be notified by email that reports are due and that email will have a link to an online form where you will complete your report. There will be a 3 week window for you to submit your report. If you do not complete any of the reports, your account will be closed.

It is very important that you keep track of all items related to your ongoing ministry. Some of these items include, but are not limited to:

  • The number of attendees, their ages, and their gender.
  • The number of times your ministry meets per week.
  • The number of people assisting you with the ministry.
  • The number of people who are hearing about salvation in Jesus through your ministry.
  • The number of people who accept salvation in Jesus through your ministry.
  • A story about the impact of your ministry and any associated photos.
  • Ministry organization with whom you are partnering with.
  • Ministry models you are using our materials for; camps, football club, church/community events, Sunday School, etc.

GOL is a repository of our ministry resources that are available to approved applicants to use in their football ministry programs free of charge. Using these ministry materials does not make the program users of these materials an official Ambassadors Football program in any way. All of your work using the materials must NOT be represented in any way as Ambassadors Football. These materials are for your personal use and may not be shared or distributed in any manner to others. If you meet people who would like to use the materials, please share the website with them so they can register for their own account and access.

If you are approved for GOL, you are agreeing to the following in the spirit of what is intended (among other things covered in these requirements):

  • You will not use any Ambassadors Football logos or marks in any way.
  • You will not call your ministry, in any form, Ambassadors Football.
  • You will not represent your ministry in any way as being connected to Ambassadors Football.
  • You will not use similar fonts, colors, and/or names for your ministry that would lead people to believe that it is part of, or associated with, Ambassadors Football.
  • You will not change the materials in any way to create the impression that the materials are your own or from your organization or ministry.
  • You will not create any derivative works from the material.
  • You will not share or distribute the materials from GOL in any manner.
  • You will make any changes to your ministry that are requested by Ambassadors Football. These types of changes would be related to issues, that we alone, deem to be in opposition to any requirements we have set forth to use the GOL materials.
  • You may not create any online presences through social media or website (but not limited to these channels only) for your ministry that would lead people to believe that it is part of or associated with Ambassadors Football in any way.